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Jungian Therapy in Denver & Shamanic Soulwork with Melissa LaFlamme, MA

190 East 9th Avenue

Denver, CO 80203

720.253.5138 melissa@jungiansoulwork.com


Jungian Therapy & Soulwork To Guide You


I honor your courage in exploring therapy and healing right now. As a Jungian Psychotherapist & Shamanic Counselor, I offer solid, soul-centered guidance and trusted, down-to-earth help when you feel stuck, depressed, anxious, stressed, traumatized or struggling in some sort of crisis, to help you reclaim hope and a sense of purpose. 

Transforming What's Difficult Into Meaning, Hope & Purpose

As a Jungian Psychotherapist and Shamanic Counselor, I will guide you into a deeply grounded and imaginative place within you. And from there, into your wildest potential where we will find your most creatively human way of healing and coming deeply alive — fully inhabiting what you are here for.

Together, we can transform the roots of your struggles into a deep understanding of your self, relationships, gifts, purpose. As I listen with you, I offer practical, soulful support; useful, intuitive guidance to help you transform what's difficult into the life you can imagine for yourself. 

When You're Ready...

Please explore the resources on this site. There's a lot of info here that you might find helpful right now. 

When you're ready, contact me with your questions or to set up a free initial consultation or first session. 

Melissa LaFlamme, MA,

Jungian Psychotherapist,

Shamanic Counselor, 

Yoga Therapist & Author

190 East 9th Avenue

Denver, CO 80203

— Free Initial Consultation —

Sessions held in my Denver, CO office & worldwide on SKYPE.

A limited number of reduced fee slots available based on need and circumstance.

Payment accepted in cash, check, credit card, HSA card & PayPal.



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Contact Me When You're Ready

Email me with questions, or to set up a free initial consultation.

Whether you're new to all this or have been on this path a while — if you want to know more about my approach — and how it might help you, please ask me. I'm happy to talk with you.

When you're ready to set up a free Initial Consultation or have questions, email or call me. 

I offer a Free Initial Consultation and a limited number of reduced fee slots are available, based on need and circumstance.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Melissa LaFlamme, MA, Jungian Psychotherapist

190 East 9th Avenue, Denver, Colorado 80203, United States

(720) 253-5138 melissa@jungiansoulwork.com

Email me with your questions


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